Potable water
Sea water desalination
Process water
Cooling water
Waste water treatment
and much more


System integration
Free standing units
Mobile and container solutions
Engineering & Evaluation
Spare and ware parts
Repair and maintenance
Piloting and pilot units
Evaluation studies
Operating models (BOT)


Mid sized company
20 years on the market
Specialist for membrane units
Know How and Quality made in Germany
Worldwide customers
Tailored & integrated solutions
Thousands of project experience

MFT – Tailor made solutions for our customers

We offer complete solutions for many different applications. Our units are tailor made designed according to customer requirements and specific application. We adapt our units according to the application and not try to adapt your application towards our units.

Our units are offering

– High efficiency                                    – Long lifetime
– High energy efficiency                        – Low costs per m³ permeate
– Optimised energy consumption         – Simple operational handling
– Low maintenance requirement           – Optional remote assisted operation
– High operation availability                   – Customer oriented automation processes

One of our highlights is our self developed compact disc module with outstanding features in the area of highly contaminated water in applications such as ZLD, MLD, Produced Water.

We test, integrate and finance complete solutions for our customers.

References – 5,200m³/d brackish RO desalination for Chile


Service offerings from mft
Over 20 years of experience delivers the relevant Know How

Mft is applying membrane technologies for over 20 years now. Through this huge experience with numerours of delivered systems we understand our customers very fast and can provide valuable information and directions at very early stage.

  • Individual Consulting
  • Evaluation studies
  • Piloting
  • Financing
  • Process description
  • (Remote) Operating- / support